“You can’t keep doing this forever”


My last class of the semester finished earlier this week, and almost immediately I found myself feeling somewhat disoriented at the concept of not having assignments due for the week. This gave way to the realization that I had plenty of free time to do all the personal hobbies, work related tasks, and other personal projects that I enjoy and meant to do for fun that I had been putting off because I had to prioritize my schoolwork. So for a day or two I was able to devote myself to the various “fun stuff” and actual tasks that I typically do in my spare time; walking through my city, writing in coffee shops (for serious work stuff and for personal enjoyment such as this), painting, drawing, and sleeping among other things. And I enjoyed it for sure.

Today, as I was walking back home from a game store in my neighborhood, I began to consider something. This place is one I often like to go to play games for a few hours and enjoy myself, but as I was walking from that store, I began to think to myself “Playing tabletop games is fun, but at some point I may have to give it up and move on as my animation career moves forward.”

I can’t keep doing this forever.

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Riverside Biking animation

Made this for an assignment. I filmed the driving footage from the inside of an Uber while I was visiting Pennsylvania and later on created the animation of a biker to composite over the footage. It could be more refined (the biker floats off of the ground in a couple of places because of how I edited the video, and the character isn’t cleanly edited in) but ultimately it’s a nice, simple animation.

Riverside Biking in PA from Doruk Uzel on Vimeo.


(This piece was originally written for a creative nonfiction class, and is taken from the definition of “immigrant” in the Miriam-Webster dictionary)


im·​mi·​grant | \ ˈi-mə-grənt


Definition of immigrant

: one that immigrates: such as

a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

b : a plant or animal that [becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown]

c :  [Someone growing up out of place between different cultures]

d : [Expected to assimilate into the dominant culture, detached from their own.]

e : [A political target, an “issue” for politicians]

f : [Someone with internalized feelings of otherness in the dominant culture.]

g : [An other]

h : [An other]

i : [An other]


Other Words from immigrant

“Immigrant” adjective

Synonyms & Antonyms for immigrant


emigrant, émigré (also emigré), in-migrant, incomer, migrant, out-migrant, settler [other, drug dealer, terrorist, demographic threat, vermin, infestation, weird, different, invader, NOT AMERICAN, “Yeah but where are you from?”]


nonimmigrant white, American, a native, a full citizen, default.

immigrant or emigrant?

Both of these words come from the Latin migrare (“to move from one place to another”), and both have definitions in English that hew closely to their etymological roots, but there is a definite difference between how you would use each one. Emigrant is used in reference to the country that has been left (“an emigrant from Canada”), while immigrant is used in reference the country that one is destined for (“an immigrant to Spain”).

First Generation

The children of immigrants. Or is that “second generation?” Where do I fit in this definition? In this country? In my own culture? Is it really “my” culture if I didn’t live there very long?

Examples of immigrant in a Sentence

Millions of immigrants came to America from Europe in the 19th century.


The city has a large immigrant population.


Immigrants (or rather their labor) are a valuable part of the economy.


Immigrants contribute food and culture to our society. (But they still don’t belong because “WHERE ARE YOU REALY FROM?”)


Many Muslim immigrants faced heightened scrutiny and attacks in the aftermath of 9/11.


I have faced identity issues from a young age because of the fact that I am a Turkish-American immigrant and immigrants like me weren’t represented in much of the media I consumed.


There have been moments where I was made to be very cognizant of my status as an immigrant.


The Fox News pundit made a thinly veiled attack on immigrants from non-white countries.


Immigrants should just relax and give our new president a chance!


The president of the United States signed an executive order banning immigrants from certain Muslim countries.


America is a nation of immigrants.


I am an immigrant.

The first two months of art school

It’s official; I am now an art school student! Getting here was a long and journey and I’ve arrived at last. It’s been about two months since I started art school now, and over this time I’ve experienced some things and learned a lot – and not just the skills I need to accomplish my long held dreams but also various actual life lessons that have carried me through my school career so far – and what I hope will continue to carry me through an art career into the future.

Here’s a brief overview of how I feel about my time going (back to) school so far…

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Chronicles of a Paid Professional Dungeon Master

The year is almost over, and as I look back on all that I have experienced in 2018, I admit that I haven’t really been as proactive as I should be with updating this blog lately. There have been several good reasons for this, chief among which being work. One job that I took for work was a part time gig at a game store. Here, for 3-4 hours a week, I get the privilege of running games of Dungeons and Dragons and effectively getting paid to play the game!

Perhaps it is best to establish some context for how I came to take the job…

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