The first two months of art school

It’s official; I am now an art school student! Getting here was a long and journey and I’ve arrived at last. It’s been about two months since I started art school now, and over this time I’ve experienced some things and learned a lot – and not just the skills I need to accomplish my long held dreams but also various actual life lessons that have carried me through my school career so far – and what I hope will continue to carry me through an art career into the future.

Here’s a brief overview of how I feel about my time going (back to) school so far…

The classes

My classes have proven to be rigorous, but immensely interesting. I find that taking these classes has helped me to become a better artist and storyteller overall. It is worth noting that almost all of my classes are “foundation” courses but nonetheless they are courses that allow me to become a better artist and prove to be very challenging. Some of my professors in these classes are better than others overall, but overall my classes are engaging and beneficial.

The People

During my time at art school I have also had the opportunity to meet many interesting people. Some of them I’ve met at previous classes, but many that I have met in many of my classes. I’ve enjoyed meeting with many new and interesting people, and I have made it a point to try to meet with and interact with more people in my classes over time.

Striking a proper balance

One of the most challenging aspects of my time in art school is figuring out the proper school/work/life balance for myself to become successful overall. When I was in college, I was able to pride myself on my ability to manage my time to effectively complete school work and send in assignments on time. I came into art school assuming this would be similar, but I found there were some complications to this reasoning and I had to change my long adapted routine. First of which was that in college I never had to work multiple part time jobs, second of which being that the nature of my assignments at an art school would be vastly different than the assignments at a liberal arts college. I realized that with art school I had to take a greater effort and do assignments in a more involved manner than I would have done otherwise, and I find this has been fairly successful. Budgeting my time and using it effectively with part time jobs I take to pay for school itself has been another matter entirely – I find on some days work interferes with my assignments, but overall I have learned to do homework a week before the assignments are due, and to work on them early and often.

Taking Charge

One more thing I noticed myself doing that I could never have done years ago is that I put myself “out there” more. This is to say that whether I do it consciously or not, I find myself taking charge in accomplishing certain tasks such as setting up payments or approaching people more often than I would have before. The sense of accomplishment from performing important tasks myself instead of relying on others has been deeply rewarding, and more than that I find myself more confident in my ability to take charge of situations more often.

In conclusion, despite some ups and downs, I feel like I’ve been able to settle into a comfortable routine and (hopefully) excel in my studies. I’ve been very happy with my classes overall. I can tell I’m going to be pretty happy here.

Author: duzel

Just a guy with a blog, writing about things that I feel like writing about.

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