“You can’t keep doing this forever”


My last class of the semester finished earlier this week, and almost immediately I found myself feeling somewhat disoriented at the concept of not having assignments due for the week. This gave way to the realization that I had plenty of free time to do all the personal hobbies, work related tasks, and other personal projects that I enjoy and meant to do for fun that I had been putting off because I had to prioritize my schoolwork. So for a day or two I was able to devote myself to the various “fun stuff” and actual tasks that I typically do in my spare time; walking through my city, writing in coffee shops (for serious work stuff and for personal enjoyment such as this), painting, drawing, and sleeping among other things. And I enjoyed it for sure.

Today, as I was walking back home from a game store in my neighborhood, I began to consider something. This place is one I often like to go to play games for a few hours and enjoy myself, but as I was walking from that store, I began to think to myself “Playing tabletop games is fun, but at some point I may have to give it up and move on as my animation career moves forward.”

I can’t keep doing this forever.

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The first two months of art school

It’s official; I am now an art school student! Getting here was a long and journey and I’ve arrived at last. It’s been about two months since I started art school now, and over this time I’ve experienced some things and learned a lot – and not just the skills I need to accomplish my long held dreams but also various actual life lessons that have carried me through my school career so far – and what I hope will continue to carry me through an art career into the future.

Here’s a brief overview of how I feel about my time going (back to) school so far…

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Chronicles of a Paid Professional Dungeon Master

The year is almost over, and as I look back on all that I have experienced in 2018, I admit that I haven’t really been as proactive as I should be with updating this blog lately. There have been several good reasons for this, chief among which being work. One job that I took for work was a part time gig at a game store. Here, for 3-4 hours a week, I get the privilege of running games of Dungeons and Dragons and effectively getting paid to play the game!

Perhaps it is best to establish some context for how I came to take the job…

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